Hello Lovely People!

I’m Milly and I love knitting, sherry, murder mysteries and sewing. I’m basically an old lady in the form of a twenty-something (hiding actual age) woman. I’m obsessed with knitting but whenever people say: “Oh wow, can you make one for me?” My face says “But of course!” and my brain says “No, this is mine, it’s all mine, you can’t take it away from me because IT’S MINE.” It’s so bad it even happens with babies, that’s right, I have THE most beautiful three month old nephew and almost zero interest in making him cute and snuggley knits. I mean I have made him cute and snuggley knits, I’m not a monster, I’m just struggling to galvanise myself to make any more.

I write a quarterly column for Simply Knitting about how my passion for all things woolly has helped me overcome my mental health problems and I enjoy writing about it so much that I thought I’d start a blog where I can pen my projects more often.

I have another blog, Milldew.net where I talk in a bit more detail about mental health as well as other ramblings and opinions.

I hope you like my knitting nonesense, please join in and share your knitting projects with me, I love the knitting community I’ve found on Instagram so I’d like to extend that onto this blog. If you have something you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch!