My Three Projects

There always has to be three. I’ve tried to be good and have one project at a time and it never works. I’m not a very patient person and I’m easily distracted so when I get bored of one project I can focus on the other for a time and so the circle goes on until all three are (eventually) finished!

The Sock/s

So I should probably start with the socks because I started them first…in December. I had an idea of making a pair of sparkly, Fairisle socks. I’d just gotten into Fairisle and knitted myself a sparkly Christmas Jumper so I tried to keep that momentum going but it made the socks all tight and the pattern didn’t lend itself very well to being knitted in the round. So I unravelled the whole thing and decided to go for the more simple version. Call me the Coco Chanel of knitting.


These are for my sister and considering I started them in December, I’m hopeful to have them finished by her birthday in late August (goals)! Of course the problem with socks is that you always have to knit two (or hopefully, anyway) so the sense of achievement in having finished a project is relatively short-lived when you realise it is, in fact, only half done.

This is the only kind of sock I’ve ever knitted. It’s from a Let’s Knit magazine (issue 121), is called a “simple first-time sock” and generally is. It uses and ‘afterthought heel’ technique and I plan to do the toe and heel in the sparkly wool of the ribbing. After this pair is finished I have some lovely hand-dyed wool and a traditional pattern for a sock (which was kindly given to me as a Christmas present) so I will then venture forward into a non “simple first-time sock”.

The Cardigan

This I started second, after I finished my lovely cable-knit jumper. I’m crazy about cables. Can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately this is currently what the cardigan looks like:


Distinct lack of cables! It’s one of those annoying patterns where the back is plain and the real action doesn’t get started until the front. Unfortunately (and rather ironically) the back always comes first in knitting. This is a King Cole pattern from the Aran book no. 1 (some really lovely patterns in this book, especially for children) and with 5mm needles I thought it would be a nice change from the 3mm needle cable pattern, with intricate beading, that I recently completed. That was a very short-lived thought…

The Vest

A Fairisle vest, made with 2.75mm and 3.25mm needles – and includes beading. I’ve been excited to start this project for ages! Full disclosure: I’ve bought two sets of colours and plan to make my husband a matching one, you’ll understand when you see the picture…


Now if that pattern has taught me anything it’s that holding a chicken will make you very, VERY happy. It was also a lesson in patience when it comes to ribbing. 34 rows of ribbing on 2.75mm needles is excessive if you ask me. This is the first time I’ve ever knitted with 100% cotton yarn and it’s coming out a wee bit on the lumpy side but I think that suits the look of the piece – can’t be too smart when you’re holding a chicken.

So those are my current three projects! I’ll keep you updated as and when I finish them, or indeed start another one – it has been known…


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