It’s Been A While!

The problem is that when it comes to finding a moment to write a blog or finding a moment to knit, knitting usually wins!

I’ve been meaning to write a blog because I finished a major project last month. Something I’d been knitting for nearly two years!


This pattern is from the Rowan Summerlite 4ply book. It’s a complicated cable pattern jumper with beading. I knitted it in the Rowan Baby Marino wool because that’s what I had to hand when I started it and it’s worked out really well. Its soft, comfy to wear and surprisingly toasty.


This was also my first time blocking anything, which was a bit nerve-wracking when it’s with pieces that have taken you MONTHS to knit, but it all worked out for the best and now I’m a blocking convert. I can’t believe I didn’t block my Fairisle Christmas jumper but as my grandfather used to say: “experience is a hard school but fools will learn in no other!”

Every time I wear this jumper I get a compliment about it and I do keep meaning to take a picture of me actually in it but I always forget. I know the weather looks great now but this is Britain, the cold weather will come again, and very soon (“winter is coming…”) so next time I wear this to work I’ll make sure to get a snap. I’m actually really proud of myself! I’m not a patient person so this was a hard slog but I stayed the course and am really pleased with my efforts. Might be staying away from 3mm needles for the forseable future though!

I also finished another project last month! My nephew turned one in May and the theme for his first birthday party was Rainbows. I decided to knit him a rainbow themed present. I had no luck in finding any patterns for little ones that included rainbows (something you’d think would be easy to come by – if anyone does know of any patterns please let me know!) so I had to make one up. I bought a simple pattern for a vest and a simple pattern for a rainbow and merged the two together. I considered myself relatively adept at Fairisle, still learning but getting there – until I started knitting a rainbow. It took me FOUR TIMES to get the floats right and I ended up with several smaller balls of yarn getting perpetually tangled in a most irritating fashion! The end product is wee bit on the lumpy side, as you can see, but there is a lot of love knitted into those stitches (and a little bit of swearing).

My next blog will be less about finished projects and more about the projects I’m currently working on, which include a pair of sparkly socks and cable knit Aran jumper for a 6ft5 man – that’ll only take me about four years then…


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