Extreme Knitting!

Well, I say extreme, I don’t mean like knitting whilst skydiving, that would be stupid…and difficult to organise. But, technically speaking, I have now knitted whilst flying!


I’ve been lucky enough to fly to some amazing places in my life so far and it always seemed to me that a long-haul flight was wasted without knitting. When else do you have seven hours or more to just sit, watch films and knit? Never! That’s when! However, I was under the impression that one was not allowed to take knitting needles on an aeroplane. I mean, if you’re not allowed to take your own water or sandwiches on a plane, why would you be allowed to take long, stabby metal sticks? I’ve stabbed myself (and on the odd occasion other people…by accident…mostly) with knitting needles quite a few times during the course of my knitting obsession and they can cause some serious damage! However (and I know I’m a little late to this party) you can! You can take knitting needles on aeroplanes!

The trick is to not ask the airline if it’s okay. I once emailed easyJet to ask them if it was okay to take knitting on their flights and they said no. Of course they said no. You could email and ask them if it was okay to sit down on their flights and they’d say no – unless you pay extra. You need to look up the actual airport security regulations and most of them have a useful checklist of all the things you’re allowed to take in your hand luggage and next to knitting needles there’s always a lovely big tick in the ‘allowed’ column. Along with scissors, as long as they’re round-ended and no longer than 6cm! Being a pessimist I do always print off this page of the website, just incase some jobsworth at security tries to confiscate my precious knitting. I’m almost disappointed when that doesn’t happen and I don’t get to produce said paper with a self-righteous flourish. I have now taken my knitting on an easyJet flight, proudly clicked away with my needles and no one has ever said anything.

I recently travelled to Thailand to visit a friend and spent the journey there and back knitting sparkly berets! I’m not a bad flyer but I’m not an amazing flyer either so I decided the ultimate to distraction would be sparkly yarn AND sparkly nails. It worked. It worked really rather well.

I had a 30 hour, completely solo journey on the way back, which everyone who knows me was really worried about, but in the end I aced it! With the help of my knitting I actually enjoyed the time I spent on the plane. It felt like a spa treatment or something. I ordered a gin and tonic, put on a face-mask (I’m one of those flyers), picked up my knitting, got stuck into a good film and it flew by (lol).


Just incase you’re wondering, I found this glittery silver yarn in the middle aisle of Lidl, you always know the gods are smiling on you when you discover yarn in Lidl.

Until next time #HappyKnitting everyone!


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