This Christmas I finished my first jumper ever. Ever! I’ve started loads of jumpers, they all now happily live, resting still on their needles in a small suitcase that I much prefer to pretend doesn’t exist. They have formed a small colony called “The Unfinished” and one of their favourite pastimes is to haunt my dreams. BUT I was determined that my Christmas jumper would not join their ranks and my determination payed off! If, like me, you are an impatient knitter who struggles to finish larger projects then I urge you to make something with a very real and specific deadline, like Christmas.

Not only did I finish a Christmas jumper, I fashioned a Christmas hat to go with it! I got a bit hooked by Fairisle to be honest. I had to watch quite a few YouTube tutorials (over and over again) but I think I really got it by the end so wanted to a) keep practising and b) make a matching outfit that would make me look like a character from a 90s Christmas film. So I did!


I’ve literally only just realised that this picture looks like a friendly ghost is waving at you. The Ghost of Christmas Knit.


Now in my enthusiasm for everything matching I adapted a pattern I found in a knitting magazine about two years ago now and kept meaning to make. I adapted it to include the colours from my jumper and in doing so found that I had to work three threads instead of the two I had only just coped with during the jumper. This caused much swearing but as far as I’m concerned if you’ve finish a project and there’s no swearing woven into the pattern you clearly haven’t tried hard enough!

Having finished my first jumper I am enthused to finish the fiddley cabley thingy I started in January 2016. No longer shall expensive yarn lay wasted on needles I can also never use again, no longer I say! The sense of achievement I feel in finishing this festive project is much more than I thought it would be, it’s better than graduating! Or starting your own business! Or squeezing that spot that’s been growing in a really awkward place on the side of your noise for ages!

I’m also writing about this (knitting this jumper, not squeezing my spots) in an upcoming issue of Simply Knitting magazine so look out for me there. Right, I’m off to carry on with those cables…



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