It’s Nearly Finished!!!!

In my last post I said I always have at least, at least, three projects on the go at any given time and I have had to be so strict with myself not to start another because I am on a mission. A very serious mission. A mission to finish my Christmas Jumper (in time for Christmas, obviously – that’s Christmas 2016 not 2019…).


I’m so close! I’ve done both the back AND front AND one whole sleeve! I am aware that a jumper needs two sleeves (most of the time) so I am currently racing through the second. I’ve never knitted so fast in my entire life! And I have a secret: despite the fact that I’ve done a lot of knitting, this will be my first finished jumper.



As well as being a selfish knitter, I am also an impatient one so I’ve finished lots of small projects; hats, gloves, socks, tea cosies, scarves and I have STARTED many a jumper (and even a waistcoat – why? I don’t know) but I’ve never actually stayed the course and completed one. Well not this time!


Because I have never finished a larger project I can almost taste the sweet succulent success of finishing my very first jumper and I am not going to be taking it off once it’s done. For a month. The whole of December. That’s a fact. By the time Christmas comes around I’m not going to be a very popular person, I can imagine that after a full month of wear, a 100% wool jumper might smell a little…lively.


I can’t write anymore because I need to go and knit – knit like the wind! I’ll post up a blog when I’ve finished it to let you know how I got on with putting the whole thing together once I’ve actually finished knitting all the components. That’ll be another first! Wish me luck!


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