So Many Projects, Still Starting More!

Hello! First blog post on this blog! I’m excited! I have another blog but this one is going to be knitting specific.

Knitting is a big part of my life, I actually can no longer just watch TV, I have to watch TV and knit, it means missing shots of Poldark shirtless but that, ladies and gents, is how committed I am to this craft. I can’t go on car journeys without my knitting, I recently discovered that most airlines let you take knitting in your hand luggage and nearly cried with the relief of it (I have been through not one, not two, but nine long haul flights without my knitting and it felt like such a ridiculously pointless waste of prime knitting time). I think it’s relatively fair to say I’m somewhat addicted to knitting but as far as addictions go I think it’s a good one so I shan’t be attending any Knitting Anonymous groups for the forseeable future.

Like with any addict, a fix only lasts so long and I have the unfortunate fate to be rather impatient – something that doesn’t necessarily mix well with the art of knitting, which can be slow going at times. This means I usually have no less than three projects on the go at any given time, and that is me making a real effort to keep it to just three, if I really let myself go it would be in the tens. That exciting buzz of starting a new project is just the best feeling, even better than finishing a project. There’s this elation when you finish the last arm but it’s swiftly followed by the realisation that now you have to stitch the whole damn thing together. By the time you’ve done all that sometimes you just want to put it in a draw and forget about for a bit. Or, low of lows, it doesn’t turn out at all as you imagined. I once slaved over a lavender coloured, short sleeve jumper that would be perfect for the days when I want to dress like a Marple character. I finished it and was elated. I put it on and it made me look like the only Klingon on the Starship Enterprise who’s chosen weapon is knitting needles.

I thought I would introduce my current three projects on this, my first blog post and then I can keep you updated with how it goes, whether I learn anything about the pattern that might help if you try it yourself, or if I just end up looking like a cosy Klingon!


Rowan Summerlite 4ply book, design Lunaire by Martin Storey

This is my longest standing project, for obvious reasons; it’s a pretty complicated cable pattern, with beading and entirely knitted on 3mm needles! I think I must’ve started this jumper at the start of the year. I’m currently nearing the neck of the back, when I finish this it will feel like a real achievement and I think the look of it will spur me on to get finished on the front. I’m having a little trouble with the boarder which is like a 2×2 moss stitch, get it wrong on one row and it gets messed up but you don’t really notice until it’s too far and too complicated to unstitch and fix it. Hopefully I’ll be practised enough that this doesn’t happen on the front!


Debbie Bliss Cabled Jacket

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I really like cables. I started this because it looks so classy in the picture, it’s quite long and I love a long cardi. My rule about jumpers is that if you could picture either Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet wearing it in the film, ‘The Holiday’ then I WANT IT. And this is what this pattern screamed at me when I saw it. That and it was also free but of course I bought the branded yarn they suggest in the pattern, they got me good and proper. In the early stages here and will probably pat myself on the back if I finish this by 2018!


Wendy 5874

Now I believe it’s probably obvious why I’m knitting this. It’s October, it’s only THREE MONTHS from Christmas! I’m really not used to fairisle knitting and I’m sure I’m doing a bit of a messy job but Christmas jumpers aren’t really meant to be classy affairs so if it’s a bit lumpy here and there I’m not going to be too bothered. I’ve very nearly finished the back and I’m pretty committed to this project because of the obvious time constraints in getting it finished. The pattern actually has a plain back and the fairisle pattern only on the front but I’m a “go big or go home” kinda gal so I decided to do it on the back as well, I’ll let you know if it was the right decision! Also, you can’t tell from this picture but I’ve done the hearts in a sparkly wool, which also isn’t listed on the pattern but it’s Christmas, isn’t it supposed to sparkle!?

I’d LOVE to know what you think of my first blog post, I’m writing this from bed with a cold and a claggy throat (technical term) so please feel free to leave any comments, it would really cheer me up!


2 thoughts on “So Many Projects, Still Starting More!

  1. Laura says:

    I am also addicted to knitting! I have not yet tried a knitting blog but I do follow several knitters. I also love cables. Your knitting is absolutely beautiful 🙂


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